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Client Story: The Road To 30

The following post is a guest post from Jenna Aston (@jenna_bellebob). She’s a wonderful woman and we’ve been working together for a short period of time now to help get her on a path of positivity. She wanted to write down some of her thoughts in a series of blog posts.


Jenna Aston - Guest Author and Keto Pro Client

The Journey Starts

Since the age of 15 I’ve always been heavily conscious about my weight. Whilst I was massively into gymnastics from a young age and went religiously every Saturday to train, I wasn’t the sveltest gymnast in the world.


Throughout the first half of high school I was known as “Mrs Blobby” – (FYI that’s not fun!) and I think that’s what started the downward spiral of self-hatred towards myself and how I looked.


So, that summer I took it upon myself to exercise more, eat less and bam! – by the time we returned to school I was a completely different person. I recall the shock on people’s face when they saw me in that assembly line on the netball courts – I felt incredible. Low and behold “Mrs Blobby” was no more.


What started in its place though was an inner battle with myself (albeit unknowingly for a long time), which, almost 15 years on I can still often face. The hatred towards myself spiralled out of control and you’ll not be surprised to know that I became very ill and ended up having to seek counselling to try and get me back to a healthy state of mind (and weight).


After all the inner demons (Annie-rexia was her name!), torment and battles though – I did it and I left at a healthy 8 stone. Superb! Only problem was the battle never ended there and for the last 12 years I have done nothing but constantly battle my inner demons and my weight has been up and down ever since.


I’m not afraid to admit that I’ve had a terrible relationship with food and that’s something I fight with all the time. I’ve done it all – starvation, low fat, low carb, low calorie. I’m also a massive exercise enthusiast and work out probably a lot more than I should. But I’ve never been able to maintain a weight or shape I’m 100% happy with because I’ve never found a lifestyle that suited me.


Until now.


Welcome to the Keto Train!

I’d heard a lot about new and emerging lifestyles such as paleo and keto but never really took much interest in it.


That was until a friend started the keto lifestyle and started to lose a tremendous amount of weight on it and looked so much better, healthier and happier for it. At first I was sceptical – how the hell can having butter or coconut oil in a coffee or a tablespoon of oil at lunch help in any way, shape or form?! How can you possibly eat that much fat and lose weight?


But the more they got into it and the more I saw them transform the more interested I became.


I was slim-ish, a size 8-10 (although probably boarding on the latter) and pretty muscular and yet constantly tormented because deep down I knew I wasn’t happy with how I looked. I felt heavy, I looked heavy and I knew something had to change. I turn 30 next year and want to feel incredible about myself. I decided I couldn’t keep going on with this dreadful relationship I had between myself, the inner demons and food and something had to change.


So, I got in touch with the Keto Pro (a.k.a Antonia ☺) and the ‘Road to 30!’ started.


I began my journey 5 weeks ago and I can honestly say that it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done!


My beginning weight was 10.7 ½ stone and I’m 5’ 2” (shocking I know!). And 5 weeks into the lifestyle and I can honestly say I feel like a whole weight has been taken from my shoulders. I have more energy, I’m less tired, I’m a stone lighter, my skin is glowing, I have a new lease of life and I’m starting to feel like the old Jenna. I’m becoming happier in myself because I’ve found a lifestyle that’s easy to maintain and manage and is so so enjoyable!


Don’t get me wrong, it’s not been the easiest journey so far having been struck down with a stomach virus for 2 weeks – but the sheer determination I have to do this for myself and to get rid of those demons for good has seen me through. Instead of doing what everyone said and to “eat some toast” just so I’d eaten something, I fought against them and I stuck to my guns. I stayed on the Keto Train through the good, the bad and the ugly.


I have an incredible mentor (Antonia) by my side, who has been the biggest support possible. She’s encouraging, supportive, reassuring and most of all there when you need her most. The plans she’s created for me are ingenious – this woman is brilliant ☺


I couldn’t be more thankful for her help and guidance and I most definitely couldn’t be doing this without her!


Whilst my journey is still really at the beginning and I still have a long way to go, 5 weeks on I couldn’t be more proud of what I have achieved and that’s all down to the Keto Pro and ultimately believing in yourself and having the determination to succeed.


Anyway, I’ve drivelled on enough for a first post!


I’ll be back soon with more updates ☺


But as a final word, for anyone battling with their inner demons or just needing change in their lifestyle – get on-board the Keto Train, you won’t regret it! Choo-choo!


Over and out ☺ xxx


P.s – if you do opt for coconut oil in coffee – BLEND IT!!!!


Jenna Aston


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