What is a fat bomb

What is a fat bomb?

If you’ve spent more than 10 minutes on twitter looking at #lowcarb or #keto, you won’t have missed fat bombs. We like to start at the beginning though as we’re committed to breaking down the jargon for people who are just starting to learn about the ketogenic lifestyle. The name alone would be enough to strike fear into the hearts of any dieter that’s used to treading the usual weight watchers path. After all, we’ve all been conditioned from a young age that eating fat can never be a good thing – and who likes bombs?


So what is a fat bomb? I would define a fat bomb as “a tasty way to increase the amount of dietary fat”. That suitably loose definition gives loads of wiggle room, which is important when you have recipes ranging from key lime cheesecake to brownie fudge to accommodate!


Why eat a fat bomb?

Eating a ketogenic diet is all about eating a high proportion of fat, moderate levels of protein and restricted carbs. Some people can really struggle getting enough fat in their diet. The simplest methods aren’t always the most palatable. I can stomach eating butter alone by the chunk, or drinking olive oil on it’s own in a glass tumbler – but many can’t. And it’s these people who can probably benefit most from experimenting with fat bombs in their diet. Fat bombs also make great snacks. Eating low carb or keto can take planning and life certainly goes more swimmingly if you’re particularly susceptible to snacking when you can reach for a super tasty fat bomb.


Do they work?

They definitely work. A keto diet is formulated and defined very differently by different people. Some have a very defined path using certain foods and others are happy for you to meander your way through however you like as long as you don’t exceed your protein and carbohydrate allowance for the day. Fat leaves you feeling fuller than both protein and carbohydrate and in a world where your protein and carbohydrate are strictly controlled, being creative with fat is the way to get great tasting foods guilt-free. I think this is important to overall compliance with the diet and ultimately sustainable success that improves lives.


Are they optimal?

Not necessarily. As I said before, different people have different interpretations of keto. I favour an approach that uses real, whole foods. For me, nutrient density is key and eating foods that not only deliver against those macro nutrient goals but also gives you the most beneficial vitamins and minerals. For this reason, I prefer to see fats coming from real food. Red meats, nuts like macadamias and avocados are all firm favourites of mine.


What’s a good way to eat fat bombs?

I think an attitude that prioritises nutrient dense fats like those mentioned above and supplements with occasional tasty fat bombs is a great place to be. You then get the benefits of taking in the right levels of vitamins and minerals and have tasty desserts and treats that you can turn to 2 or 3 times a week to get the creative juices going in the kitchen and help keep you on the keto train for a longer period of time. Eating fat bombs, as long as they comprise of a base of healthy fats such as olive oil, butter, heavy cream, coconut oil, macadamia oil or avocado oil will have some benefit and they wouldn’t do you any harm at all even if you had a fat bomb twice a day every day. It would however be difficult to get the essential vitamins and minerals your body and mind need to operate to their full potential.


Stay disciplined

With keto, you only have to eat to satiety. If you’re after weight loss, be careful with fat bombs as they can be that bloody tasty. It’s easy to push yourself beyond your point of being ‘full’. One recommendation if you’re eating keto to lose weight is to not make full batches. By making enough to serve your needs now, you can get a tasty snack or dessert and still switch to burning body fat once it’s been processed by the body.


So my recommendation would be use them when you need them and have fun experimenting with some of the tasty looking recipes out there to add some ever-appreciated pizazz to your low carb lifestyle. I’ve certainly got my own favourites (yes I’m looking at you key lime cheesecake) and I’ll be posting some of my recipes up soon to give curious folks the chance to make some of the sweet tasting goodness in their own kitchen

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