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We improve the lives of people living around the world using the power of a keto diet.

We turn you into a fat burning machine by increasing healthy fats and decreasing carb intake. Fully equipped with the knowledge and experience, we work to understand your likes and dislikes and translate them into a healthy meal plan that’s as easy to cook as it is to eat.


By shifting your body to become a fat burning machine, rather than a carb burning machine, great things happen. Your hormones regulate taking you back to your natural body weight and shape with ease. You have more sustained energy: feel more focused and positive. Embracing The Keto Pro will literally transform every area of your life. 

There’s a minefield of misinformation and pseudoscience out there that makes getting off the ground with a DIY keto diet time consuming and potentially risky to your health.


We can help break down the often complex academic and scientific literature into a safe, personalised programme that’s as simple to follow as it is to see results from. Our proven approach and friendly nutritional consultants have seen clients achieve results they could only dream of. So how do we do it?

We get massive results with our 4 step approach



Chat wih you, via social media messaging, video conferencing or in person meetings to understand in detail your current situation and what your dreams are.



We build a specific ketogenic diet plan based on the foods you like (and more importantly don't like).



We put in place your new way of eating and give you all of the tools, knowledge and confidence you need to get big results and quickly.



We monitor progress and provide additional insight and ideas to keep things fresh and make your change stick.

Antonia’s story

Antonia after ketogenic diet plan with her daughter Eva

I started my keto journey 8 weeks after having my second child. I have battled with weight for the majority of my life. In 2003 I started to pile on weight at a rapid pace until I no longer recognised myself. After years of struggling, in 2006 I was finally diagnosed with PCOS. I was refused medical help by the doctors because they took one look at my body shape and weight and told me that I wasn’t overweight enough to warrant medication.


By that point I had already tried every diet possible some of which were very dangerous. None of them worked because they were unsustainable. As soon as my old eating habits and lifestyle crept back in, the weight piled back on, plus some extra!


During the time that my husband and I decided that we wanted to start a family, I had to come to terms with the fact that my body was no longer my own – I could no longer abuse it in order to maintain the slim figure that my PCOS so desperately didn’t want me to have. I had to treat it with care in preparation for it carrying the most precious gifts ever, our children. No longer could I starve it, feed it full of diet pills and chemical junk. It all had to stop. but for the best reason ever – it wasn’t about me anymore. No matter how much I hated my reflection in the mirror, I knew it was for the greater good. The thought that kept me strong through it all was that one day we would have the beautiful family that we are blessed with today.


It was 8 weeks into becoming a mum for the second time that I decided to turn my life around and start on a ketogenic diet plan. Since then, I’ve never looked back. It’s now my mission to help other men and women achieve the same transformation I did. That’s why I started The Keto Pro.


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