Author: Antonia Robinson

Keto cheat

Keto Cheat! Getting Back On Track

At some point along your Keto journey, you may face the adversity of derailing and becoming a keto cheat. It might be at the start of your journey as your body and mind is adapting to your new lifestyle, it could be whilst you are on holiday or perhaps it could be the result of a single moment of weakness. Rest assured, it happens to most of us. Let’s face it, we’re all human and non of us are perfect. The key to overcoming falling off the wagon is to accept that it has happened, stop making excuses and get...

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Keto Goal Setting

Keto Goal Setting: Top 5 Tips

Goals help to keep you on track and can play a vital part in preventing derailing from your ketogenic lifestyle - undoing all of your hard work! Keto goal setting gives you a reason to maintain focus whilst fuelling determination.   All goals great and small   There are two types of keto goal setting that you need to think about. Small and achievable goals that help to keep up momentum and larger goals which you work towards over a longer period of time. The smaller goals act as milestones along your weight loss and fitness journey, with the larger goal being your target....

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Breastfeeding on a ketogenic diet - baby feet

Breastfeeding on a Ketogenic Diet

Breastfeeding on a ketogenic diet: my personal experience   Having a baby is one of the most exciting and nerve wracking times in your life, one great big cocktail of emotions. With nine months to prepare, trying to absorb as much information as possible can make you panic rather than put your mind at ease. There’s an abundance of general information on the internet but a lot of this is conflicting and very confusing! I'll seek to answer the question I know you'll all be wondering. Breastfeeding on a ketogenic diet: Is it safe?   I began my ketogenic journey during pregnancy in preparation for...

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Almonds - ideal for keto snacking

Keto Snacking: How To Snack and Stay in Ketosis

Here, we're going to tell you everything you need to know about Keto Snacking. But why should we? Why do we even need to figure a way to do snacking the keto way?   Going through the emotions   Snacking is something that many people do but some of us battle with on a daily basis! Snacking is nearly always an emotional response. Be it, lack of sleep, stress, relationship challenges, or even feel-good ‘rewards’. The brain seeks out a ‘high’ to comfort and soothe in the best way it knows how with endorphin releasing foods.   Snacking decisions are usually made very quickly, without any...

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Is Ketosis Safe?

Is Ketosis Safe? The Million Dollar Question Answered

There's a common misconception that being in a state of ketosis may be harmful to the body. This misconception arises because nutritional ketosis is being confused with ketoacidosis and the two things couldn’t be more different. Is ketosis safe? You bet!   What is Ketosis?   Nutritional ketosis is when the body burns its own fat as its primary fuel source. For a person to enter a state of nutritional ketosis, they will need to be eating a low carbohydrate diet. This is because in order for the body to switch from sugar burning mode (which is its default setting whilst carbohydrates are being...

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