Ketosis and alcohol - can you drink on a keto diet?

Ketosis and alcohol: can you drink on keto?

As the festive party season fast approaches, a common question raised by my clients is ‘Am I able to have an alcoholic drink whilst on the ketogenic diet?’ So I thought I’d put together all of my thoughts around ketosis and alcohol and share it with the rest of my followers.   For starters, let take a look at what happens to our body when we consume alcohol. When we drink alcohol, it gets absorbed very quickly into our bloodstream via our stomach and small intestine. Alcohol is toxic and as a result, the body tries to get rid of it as...

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Staying in ketosis - should you or shouldn't you?

Staying in Ketosis – should you or shouldn’t you?

Leading on from on our blog on the cyclical ketogenic diet, it’s left some of our community a little bit confused. "If keto is so great for our healthspan, mind and waistline - why would you want to stop? Are you best staying in ketosis? Is it OK to stop? What happens if you stop and then start again? If you do stop keto, how long should you stop for?"   These are all valid questions we've fielded since publishing that article- some of which we’re going to attempt to answer in this blog.   What is Ketosis? For those that missed the memo,...

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What is the cyclical ketogenic diet?

What is the cyclical ketogenic diet (CKD)?

If you’ve read the resources in this blog and other websites, you’re probably pretty comfortable by now on what standard ketogenic diet (SKD) is. Carbs are restricted to individual tolerance (somewhere between 0 and 30g of carbohydrates a day). Protein is moderate, and you eat fat to satiety. Straightforward stuff.   There is another way of doing it that we’ve not really discussed before. An approach that offers a slightly different perspective...

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Keto chocolate mousse

Indulgent Keto Chocolate Mousse

As far as indulgent desserts go, this keto chocolate mousse is surely way up there! Give me 3 simple ingredients and no more than 2 minutes of your time and let me transport your taste buds to another dimension!   This keto and low carb friendly chocolate mousse really couldn't be easier! It's super quick to make and tastes incredible! It's one of my favourite desserts to make for friends. It always shocks them that I can enjoy a fair sized helping of it on the ketogenic diet too!   It can be whipped together within minutes and has saved me from derailing in...

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Keto and Low Carb Midlands: with Dr Cat Harrison

Hear from local GP Cat Harrison about how how her surgery has helped patients control their life using food at the 2nd free Keto and Low Carb Midlands meetup on the 05 July 2017 at the Postmill Centre, South Normanton.   Fresh from an exciting first meeting, where we got the perfect practitioner’s perspective from qualified Nutritional Adviser Antonia Robinson, we follow up with a clinical perspective from an expert in family health and medicine.   In an unprecedented first for the East Midlands, hear Cat give an honest appraisal or the state of nutritional advice within a healthcare setting, covering topics such as:   • What...

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keto blueberry muffins

Keto Blueberry Muffins

What could be more satisfying than a super squidgy blueberry muffins? A  low carb, sugar free super squidgy keto blueberry muffins that’s what!   My son and i were getting creative with some ingredients on a cold rainy Friday afternoon a few weeks ago and the results turned out to be one of our most delicious creations yet! These little beauties are so moist and squidgy and the blueberries pop, making them taste all jammy and yummy! Far better than the carb-heavy, sugar-loaded variety and completely guilt-free! Get that mixing bowl and ingredients at the ready, you won’t regret it!   Ingredients 75g fresh...

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