Eating out Keto style

Eating Out Keto Style: 5 Easy Menu Hacks

Eating out keto style can be a real nightmare for anyone living a low carb lifestyle. It’s surely among the top reasons that people will give for de-railing from their programme. Whether it’s peer pressure, overwhelming cravings from a carb-filled menu, or an old habit that’s dying hard – venturing out to a bar or restaurant for food demands a cool head for even the most seasoned keto warrior.


That can be a drag. Ultimately, living a keto lifestyle is meant to give you more energy and help you get the body you’ve always wanted. What use are either of those things if you can’t do fun stuff like eat out with your family? No use at all in my book! Getting in shape and building out your sense of wellbeing should include everything that the rich tapestry of life can offer.


We explore some of the best general tactics you can use to stay focused and eat out keto style.


Hold the sauce

This isn’t an uncommon one for any diet plan, but most of the time – you’ll want to be getting the restaurant to hold the dressing. Why? More often than not dressings are loaded with sugar. You will find the occasional place that offers olive oil for you to pour on your own lunch, but depending on the type of restaurant you go to this can be rare.


I find being organised and taking my own olive oil is a great way to make sure I’m getting the fats I need, but probably more importantly that I’m not left feeling hungry after say a green leafy salad. Being hungry after a main course in a restaurant is a sure fire way to sleepwalk into a pudding!


I’ve used this tactic quite a bit during family holidays when eating buffet style. I get salad/vegetables with some meat and add my olive oil. Simple!


I’ve found the Sistema pots to be the perfect handbag size and they’re only a few pounds for a set of 3.



The butter basket

When the break basket comes round from your server, now’s the time to sit up to attention and look eager to get your hands on some yummy…butter. As good as the freshly baked bread may smell, you need to completely avoid the desire to have a nibble of the ghastly gluten in favour of the creamy goodness of butter.


You can then use what you snaffle to put on top of your hot vegetables when they come. Or alternatively, as my 3-year-old son seems intent on doing, just eating the butter on its own. Works for me!


Do your homework

Thanks to a small thing called the internet the vast majority of bars and restaurants publish their menu online nowadays. If you take one thing away from this post then this should be it: make all your decisions on what you’ll ask for and eat BEFORE you get there.


There are a few reasons for this. Firstly, when you’re all alone on a Tuesday night with no one for your cat for company, I can almost guarantee you’ll be far more considered in your approach. You’ll take longer thinking about the right thing to eat than you will if you’ve got the new girl from the office chewing your ear about her new campaign idea at the same time as you’re browsing the menu.


Stay away from the alcohol

‘When drinking alcohol, I make better decisions.’ Said no one. Ever. And this is a key thing to bear in mind if you’re hitting a restaurant. It might be tempting if you’re a recent keto convert to have a couple of glasses of wine with dinner because you’ve been ‘doing well’ and you’re meeting up with your old party pals you haven’t seen for ages. But it’s a slippery slope. If you succumb to the peer pressure to have a little glass of wine, then the flood gates have been opened to whatever may come next. This is likely to involve eating a large volume of exactly the kind of shit you don’t want to be eating on a ketogenic diet.


Be creative

Don’t be afraid to go off-piste with your server and kitchen team. Whether that’s requesting a starter as a main course, or keenly spotting keto food faves like Avocado on the menu and getting them to work a main course from it. After all, it’s a service industry and I’m sure whatever request you make of them probably won’t be as difficult as they get from other people. It happens all the time with practically each table. So don’t compromise on what you want to eat and the successes you can achieve from your ketogenic diet – make an ask! Be a pain in the ass and just keep smiling all the time to keep things positive.


Go forth and eat

Living a keto lifestyle is not about putting yourself in a straitjacket. If you follow some of the tips laid out in this article, there’s no reason why eating out keto style can’t be something that you enjoy doing with a partner, friends or family members. Happy eating!

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