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Keto Easter Egg Recipe

For many, Easter wouldn’t be complete without a chocolate egg. Weather you’re keto, low carb or just looking for a healthy sugar free alternative for your family, you may, like me, struggle to find a keto easter egg out there to purchase in the shops or online.


After extensively searching for a sugar free, low carb, equally delicious version, I myself had almost given up and came to the conclusion that this tradition would be no more for me and my ketogenic lifestyle. It also made me very aware of all the junk added to the ones marketed directly at children. There was no way I would eat that rubbish myself, so why should i feed it to my two small children? It was at that very moment that I had a brainwave  . . . to make my own! Excited at the prospect of just dreaming up a new family tradition for our household, I got straight to work and ordered a chocolate egg mould.


I wanted to share my very first Easter egg making experience with you all in the hope that it may inspire you all to give it a go. It’s relatively simple, and (and it’s a BIG ‘and’ in my eyes) you get to lick the leftover chocolate out of the bowl when you’ve finished too! It doesn’t get much better than that!


I’ve literally just left the kitchen after making the eggs and have come to write this blog. I’m really happy with the results. Let’s hope they pass the taste test with the children later this week! I experimented by making two eggs: one keto friendly one using 100% cocoa chocolate mixed with erythritol and a low carb one using 90% cocoa chocolate.


They both taste awesome! The 90% cocoa one was naturally far smoother because it didn’t contain erythritol, but being keto, the thought of only being able to have half the egg due to the carb content crippled me. I’m like a hungry ant when it comes to chocolate! 100% cocoa chocolate has a very low carb content, meaning that i could easily eat the whole egg and not worry! Perfect! The 90% cocoa version should definitely pass the taste test with my two small children and i’m excited to see them open them in the morning!


You don’t need much to get started. Here’s what I used:


Ingredients/ Equipment



  • Melt the chocolate slowly over a pan of simmering water (if using erythritol, add it here).
    Tip – grind up the erythritol first using a pestle and mortar to make the mixture as smooth as possible.
  • Allow the chocolate to cool slightly and add a tablespoon onto the mould. Run it around the inside of the egg until fully covered.
    Tip – once it’s started to set, manipulate with a cool metal spoon around the mould.
  • Repeat for the other half of the egg.
  • Put both moulds into the fridge to cool for 5 minutes (or until the chocolate has set) and add another layer of chocolate on top.
  • Allow each layer to cool before adding the next (I used 4 layers for my eggs).
  • Once you have reached the desired thickness and both sections have cooled, add a small amount of melted chocolate to one half of the mould edge and ‘glue’ both halves together. Put the egg back into the fridge to fully set.
  • Once chocolate fully is set, gently remove mould.

Voila! Your beautifully delicious egg is ready! Wrap in foil and decorate with a beautiful bow, but most of all, enjoy!

Had a go? Let me know how it went on FB, Twitter or Insta!


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