Keto Goal Setting

Keto Goal Setting: Top 5 Tips

Goals help to keep you on track and can play a vital part in preventing derailing from your ketogenic lifestyle – undoing all of your hard work! Keto goal setting gives you a reason to maintain focus whilst fuelling determination.


All goals great and small


There are two types of keto goal setting that you need to think about. Small and achievable goals that help to keep up momentum and larger goals which you work towards over a longer period of time. The smaller goals act as milestones along your weight loss and fitness journey, with the larger goal being your target. A realistic example of this could be to lose 6lb in the first two weeks of your ketogenic journey, with a longer term goal of losing 3 stone and to fit into a size 10 wedding dress by the end of the year.


Keto goal setting – make it stick


Once you have reached your goal, set yourself a new one. The great sense of satisfaction that you feel once you have reached your goal will ever more encourage you to keep on going. With keto goal setting, there’s always room for improvement and just because you have reached one goal doesn’t mean there aren’t other things that you can strive for too. The key to success is to keep setting yourself new challenges after each milestone along your journey is met – helping to maintain focus by fuelling your desire to succeed.


Think big (and broad)


Aim big and achieve greatness. Embrace your goal and enjoy the journey it takes you on – go for it! No matter how many worlds away that goal may feel to you, you can achieve it if you believe in yourself. You and only you have the power to make it happen.
Goals don’t have to be centred around weight loss, they can be about anything you like! Maintaining body weight, Improving fitness levels, health and well being are but to name a few. They’re your goals after all so you get to decide.


Make yourself accountable


Tell people about your goals. Vocalising them and sharing them with those around you will make you less likely to give up. Lean on your friends and family to give you support and encouragement. They will only be too happy to help – after all, your happiness is what’s important to them and they will treasure the smile on your face when you finally feel like yourself again!


Moving beyond numbers


If one of your goals is centred around weight loss, try not to be over consumed by the numbers on scales. This is easier said than done and i know this only too well myself! It’s easy to become obsessed by those little digital numbers – and if the number that shines back at you is one that you don’t like, it can rapidly set the mood for the the day to become very negative. This feeling can cause derailing!


The best advice i can give is to let go of the scales! It’s about how you feel when you look at yourself in the mirror that matters, not a stupid number. A simple method that i use is the jeans test! Find an item of clothing that reflects the body shape and size that you desire and make this one of your goals. For me, it’s an old pair of jeans that i used to love wearing many many years ago, when i was happy with my size. Try the clothes on as often as you like and use that to measure your success.


You’ll begin to notice the differences in your body shape as the clothes start to fit you. It helps to be able to physically visually measure your achievements and see the results with your own eyes, rather than relying on scales. This will be particularly beneficial when you start building muscle or your weight reaches a plateau. In these instances, your body weight may remain consistent or even gain, whilst your body shape continues to change and get smaller.
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