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Keto Snacks Under 5g Carbs


What type of snacks are the first that spring to mind when the thought first enters your head to reach into the cupboard? Sugary, carb loaded ones – the type that your brain craves, not your body. Arm yourself with a list of go to, keto snacks in preparation for if and when you get a snack attack. They should be quick and easy to grab in your time of need, with little or no preparation required. Preparation is key and by familiarising yourself with some safe alternatives you might save yourself from a derailing disaster!


Keto snacks – why?


While it’s best to avoid snacking all together on the ketogenic diet, there are times when it can’t be avoided. An attack of snack cravings is usually the result of an emotional response. It’s your brain’s way of trying to seek comfort, using food as the sticking plaster. Whilst a snack may help to boost your mood for a few endorphin filled moments, it’s usually short lived and can quickly lead to a downward spiral of derailing. Food shouldn’t be used as a comfort and unfortunately for some of us the snacking response is an automatic one that can be very difficult to ignore, let alone switch off!


Here’s a list of my top 10 keto snacks that are all under 5g net carbs:


Boiled egg

1 egg = 0 g carbs

Boiled eggs are super easy and super tasty. They seem far more commonly used in the Far East as snacks than they do in western societies (I encountered it quite a bit when I went travelling in Borneo as part of a packed lunch provided to me by a host). They’re also hard boiled by default so they travel pretty well too as they come in their own special packaging!



Macadamia nuts 25g = 2 g carbs, almonds  25g = 2.5 g carbs

Nuts are a very tasty, nutrient packed and satiating. They are also very easy to over do, so proceed with caution! Once i’ve opened a packet of Macadamia nuts, i find it very difficult to walk away after only a small handful! They’re addictive – stay strong and stick to your allocation. A small handful is plenty to satisfy a craving, empty them into your palm, put the packet straight back in the cupboard and step away – you have been warned!


Almond Butter

10g (tsp) = 0.7 g carbs

This stuff will change your life! Its super tasty and can be eaten straight out of the jar with a spoon (YUM!) or even used to make fat bombs with. My favourite brand is Meridian. They use no palm oil and their Almond and Cashew butters contain 100% nuts with no other added ingredients (unlike other brands on the market that add sweeteners and other rubbish!). Always be sure to check the labels – a few clever marketing and packaging design tricks can make an unhealthy product seem like a healthy choice. I must also point out that this stuff is highly addictive and should come with a warning on the label. It’s incredibly tasty and difficult to put the spoon down once the lid comes off and you dive right in. We literally go through half a dozen jars of the stuff in our household each week, no kidding! This is one of a small number of keto snacks even our small children love!



About 30g (size of a match box) – 100g = 0 g carbs

A little trick i use is to grate the cheese using the smallest grater so that it creates lots of fine cheese. It makes a small amount seem massive and is really satisfying.


Please, please, please never buy the lazy pre-grated cheese from the supermarket! It’s coated in starch to prevent it from sticking together and is high in carbs. Buy a grater and do it yourself – your carb limits will thank you for it. Always be sure to check the nutritional labels on cheese. Most of the hard cheeses such as parmesan and cheddar have 0g carbs per 100g. Some some varieties do contain carbs though. It’s better to be safe than sorry.


I’ve recently discovered Frank’s Hot Sauce. This stuff is incredible. The original and extra hot versions have no added sugar and are both keto friendly! It tastes amazing with cheese too. Cut a nice thick slice of cheese and get dipping!


Cold meats

Parma Ham – 100 g = <0.5 g carbs

Cold meat is a firm ‘go to’ snack of mine when I’m out and about shopping and get an attack of hunger or cravings. Deli counters are a delicious treasure trove of meaty goodness and it only takes a few slices to satisfy your needs. Where possible, choose meat on the bone which is freshly carved for you. Steer clear of any breaded or reformed meats as they will be higher in carbs.


Wrap a small finger sized piece of cheese with half a slice of parma ham to make it one of the quickest and most satisfying keto snacks you can buy.


Buttered Coffee

30g = 0 g carbs

Sounds wrong doesn’t it? Try it though and you’ll never look back! 30 g of organic, unsalted butter in a big mug of freshly brewed coffee, hand blended until frothy is an awesome breakfast, let alone keto snack! The caffeine will give you an energy boost and the butter will keep you feeling satiated and full. It’s simply perfect!


Coffee and double cream

45ml (3 tbsp) = 0.7 g net carbs

Freshly brewed coffee with double cream is a match made in heaven! It feels very indulgent to drink (if you need a little something to satisfy a chocolate craving then this is for you). Think of it as a pimped up, creamier version of buttered coffee! It does contain slightly more carbs and in my honest opinion it’s definitely worth it. This is something to take into consideration if making this your drink of choice for breakfast. Although the carbohydrates it contains are low, it will still break an overnight fast if you include it in your morning coffee. This really fixes me when i’m feeling broken!


Coconut oil

30g (2 tbsp) = 0g carbs

A tablespoon of coconut oil is a quick and simple way to boost energy levels and block any hunger or craving pangs pretty quickly. It can be tough going digging straight into the jar with a spoon, but desperate times can call for desperate measures! Having tried many different brands i have learnt that they all taste very different and some are more palatable than others. For me, the Nutiva brand is the best tasting by far and i can get digging in with a spoon without feeling like gagging!



100g = 0 g carbs

Ever been food shopping whilst hungry? It can be a total nightmare, making all those tempting foods even more tempting. Steer clear of the processed junk food aisles and head to the fish counter for a tasty, protein packed snack instead. You can pick up a fresh packet of cold water prawns for a few pounds which is often a bit cheaper than a convenience sandwich! If you can’t wait to get home to eat them, rip open the packet in the car and tuck in.


Full fat cottage cheese

100g = 2.2 g carbs

There’s something i find really satisfying about eating really tasty cottage cheese. Langley Farm brand is super creamy and delicious. Avoid all low fat alternatives as they are loaded with additives and are much higher in carbs.




*All carb measurements are estimated and can vary from brand to brand. Please ensure that you check the labels for any hidden nasties and avoid keto snacks with any additives! The dairy items on the list should only contain full fat milk and no other ingredients. If it does, don’t eat it!

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