Surviving the festive season whilst on the ketogenic diet

With the festive season approaching, it can be easy to lose grip of your focus when it come to both diet and exercise. ‘I can start again after Christmas’, ‘new year, new me’ –  I’ve heard them both dozens of times from clients and a former version of myself prior to my keto days! I used to see Christmas as a big green light to go out and binge on carb-heavy, sugar-loaded processed crap. Chocolate for breakfast on Christmas morning anyone? Yes, we’ve all been there before! I’d then spend the whole of January feeling yukky and angry with myself for putting on stacks of weight!


The problem with viewing the festive season in this way is that it can very easily spiral out of control. Not only are you allowing yourself to be controlled by your own ‘hungry ant’, you’re setting yourself up for a massive fall. All of your hard work and efforts to get fat adapted could very easily get undone and you may find it very difficult to get back on track afterwards.


Once your body reverts back to your old sugar burning ways you will have to push back through the pain barrier to become fat adapted once again. This can be a very painful, drawn out experience. Struggling through cravings, mood swings and keto flu are all things that I would never willingly choose to put my body through ever again! Make conscious decisions about what you choose to eat with this thought at the back of your mind – it may take as long as it did initially for you to become keto adapted right at the beginning of your keto journey. Urgh, no thanks!


Remember, keto food is delicious, luxurious and very satiating. All of the qualities of the old festive food that you used to eat, without being loaded with carbohydrates and sugar! You can easily replace all of your festive favourites with equally, if not more delicious keto friendly foods!


A festive tradition in our household is a Christmas Eve feast! We’re incredibly excited to prepare our feast with an array of delicious cheeses, cured meats, nuts and home made nibbly snacks like Parmesan crisps with our own garlic mayonnaise. Delicious! We’ve also had a few attempts at perfecting our keto key lime cheesecake in preparation for the festive season and are very close to finalising the recipe. I’ll be sharing this with you all very soon so stay posted!


Don’t reach for the tube of Pringles just because it’s a Christmas tradition in your household. Step away from the sherry trifle! Who even likes Christmas cake anyway? It’s time to change and make new festive traditions. Ones that are even more delicious, satiating and nutritious!


Here are my top 5 festive swaps:


Switch your favourite sugary festive latte for a quick, simple and much cheaper alternative! I make my own Starbucks Eggnog latte replacement by having a large americano with heavy whipping cream with a dusting of cinnamon and nutmeg on top. I don’t feel the need to make it sweet, as I find the natural sweetness of the cream is fine for me. You could always add liquid stevia to taste if you wanted to make it taste sweeter.


Ditch sugar-laden chocolate for a 100% cocoa bar. My favourite is Montezuma’s. It’s literally the best chocolate ever with only 8g of carbs per 100g bar! A little nibble will go a long way to satisfying even the sweetest tooth!


Switch nachos for homemade kale crisps and garlic mayo! Yummy!


No more Pringles! Eat pork rinds/pork scratchings instead. Visit your local butchers, they often sell the fresh homemade type really cheaply and they are incredible! I recently discovered my local butcher makes them and they are literally the stuff dreams are made of! If you can’t find any locally, there’s a wonderful alternative now available that contains no additives or MSG and are gluten free, from a company called The Real Pork Crackling Company. They’re amazing, give them a try!


Cake – yes you can have your cake and eat it! Just make sure it’s a keto friendly recipe! There are keto friendly alternatives to almost everything so find your favourite and get baking! 😉 I’ll update this blog with a link to my keto key lime recipe soon!


Candy can be replaced with delicious, nutritious nuts like macadamias, almonds, pecans and walnuts. Add a sprinkling of raw organic cocoa nibs to add extra crunch and flavour!


Lastly, enjoy the Christmas period. Enjoy the special time with your family, friends and loved ones and make lot’s of beautiful memories together. Share the delicious food you eat with them – you never know, they might end up joining you on your keto journey in the new year!

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