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7 day fast - part 1

7 Day Fast – My Experience (Part 1)

My fasting experience to date:   This attempt will be my 3rd fast. Besides using intermittent fasting on a daily basis, my first fast was a 72 hour fast. Inspired by the powerful results of the fast, I decided just over a month ago, to give a 96 hour fast a try. Regrettably, I didn't record this experience in a blog, but those of you who follow me on social media will have read my tweet updates! By day 3 the extreme euphoria I felt was incredible. I had never felt more alive and had more energy running through my veins than...

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72 hour fast means no food

72 Hour Fast – My Experience

After many months of waiting to try a 72 hour fast, this week I finally got the chance to push my body to a new limit that it has never reached before. Unable to attempt an extended fast previously as i was breastfeeding my daughter, i made the decision to wait until feeding had finished, in case it affected milk production.   Listening to a series of podcasts that discussed the therapeutic benefits of cycling periods of extended fasting into a ketogenic lifestyle made me curious - a few days of no food (72 hour fast) could help to reset my immune...

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